Lozano Lux.com offers luxury products created with an artist's passion & crafted with skill. Each piece captures the heart and soul of the artist along with the feeling that reflects the essense of life while thrilling the senses. What comes from life's journey, whether along the streets of New York City or to the depths of the exciting unmentionable nights of the French Quarter in New Orleans, each Lozano Lux.com product is a moment of life captured in the vision of the artist. In our repertoire of Lozano Lux.com products, the materials used include the exotics; as well as, the world standards. Each item is used as a canvas in the art of luxury goods. Lozano Lux.com is my latest endeavor that allows me to relax, have fun and along with the Artists, create and share with you high-quality luxury goods and accessores that reflect my creative tastes, my style and embody who I am as a person, a professional and a gentleman. To enjoy or to just view, each luxury product is a gallery piece. So from all of us at Lozano Lux.com, to all of you- La Dolce Vita'! SHOP BOUTIQUE, SHOP HANDCRAFTED, SHOP VINTAGE,SHOP LOZANO LUX.COM. FOR INFORMATION ON ANY PRODUCT OFFERED ON THIS WEBSITE, PLEASE EMAIL- lozanolux@aol.com. SHOULD YOU DESIRE MORE PERSONAL SERVICE,VISIT ONE OF THE RETAILERS OF OUR PRODUCTS,SEE THE "RETAILER" PAGE. NOTICE:SITE IS UNDER RECONSTRUCTION.
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